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Come Soar Over Canada at FlyOver America!

You’ll soar from coast to coast over some of Canada’s most spectacular and iconic locations without even leaving Mall of America! Daily rides available from June 8 onwards. The FlyOver Canada ride will alternate every 15 minutes with FlyOver America. For a limited time only, experience Canada like never before with FlyOver Canada. You’ll be whisked away on an exhilarating journey across Canada, from east to west. Feel the wind in your hair as you dip into deep valleys, glide over magnificent prairies, gaze at snow-capped mountains, and experience the thrill of buzzing over Canada’s most spectacular cities. By the journey’s end, you’ll find yourself in awe of the breathtaking elegance of Canada. And there’s no passport required! The FlyOver Canada ride film was shot over the course of 12 months, enabling the camera-equipped helicopter crew to capture the beauty of Canada across all four seasons. So, if you thought Canada was just about maple syrup and Mounties, think again and buckle up for this limited time opportunity to see Canada like never before! Please note children must be a minimum of 40" to ride FlyOver America and FlyOver Canada.

Come Soar Over Canada at FlyOver America!

Today - September 4

10AM - 9:30PM

FlyOver America